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although about what, I’m not sure. I was off to run some errands and get a mani (very important Saturday bizness) and as I got up toward the corner where I was going to turn, I see a bunch of people milling about and as I get closer I also see a bunch of cops. Not the normal friendly looking goofy hat wearing po-po, but a whole lot of black helmets and bullet proof vests hanging outside of Mr. Snack, blocking my view to…well, whatever was going on.


The flags I can see on the other side of the policemen don’t look familiar to me other then the Ukrainian symbol that I see around a lot, but I have no idea what the other flags are about. No big, I’m used to protests, even though they don’t usually come with riot police, but it’s cool, right? Wrong.


Suddenly I start to hear a sound that I remember from protests in Chicago, but never here. The sound of batons striking - well, it sounds like they were hitting wood, but people start screaming and running and a whole bunch of “kids” in their teens are running past me wearing scarves over their faces and some people are grabbing each other and starting to get the hell out of there and of course the crowd that’s grown to watch this all starts getting agitated and some are pointing and talking to each other and others are still taking photos, but the mood has absolutely changed. I’m thinking maybe I should get the heck out of there as well when the police and whoever they were holding back start breaking into the street and over toward me and that maybe turns into a hells yeah, and I turn and go back toward home.

As I get closer to my house, I decide that I’m not quite as freaked out anymore, and much braver now that I’m on the phone with a friend of mine explaining everything, and decide to go back, but this time from the other end. I notice that the intersection leading up to it from the other direction has now been blocked off to cars, but there is still foot traffic heading that way, so I figure why not and head back in.


As I’m walking up there, I am passed by several police trucks - like actual small trucks, and as I get closer I see theĀ  intersection that I was at before is now completely taken over by the cops and the protesters. Closer to where I am there is a group of police, or military or whoever, closed around something. I can’t help but get closer, as I see there are a bunch of rubberneckers hanging out right next to them.


They’re closed around a group of guys on the ground, some wearing scarves over their faces, mostly dressed in camo. Yeah. To this stupid American, that looks a little sketchy, and I immediately certainly over react and start thinking explosives, and decide that in the off chance that I’m right, it’s probably better to skip that mani for now and just go home.

I’m sure I’ll head back out in a few, and will find the streets empty, as if nothing had ever happened.

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  1. Were you anywhere near Shevchenko Park? There was supposed to be a neo-nazi march there today sponsored by “Patriot of Ukraine” and others.

    But more importantly, where do your get your mani? = )

    Saturday, October 18, 2008 at 9:40 pm | Permalink

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