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foggy morning…

Happy November - three more days until I get a new president…I’ve been sick all week and have been doing little more then watching and listening to political podcasts, reading way too much about the election, and feeling sorry for myself that I couldn’t dress up like something and go out last night.  But I’m on the mend, and two more days of antibiotics should make everything ok. And then I’ll be good and ready to stay up all night Tuedsday watching returns come in.

In the meantime - I woke up early this morning and saw that it was all pretty outside - it’s been pretty mild here and the fog was back again today, but even thicker. So I grabbed my camera and Chauncey and we went out to capture a little bit of Keiv London style. Unfortunaltey my camera started flashing low battery after the second shot I took - but here is a little bit of my pretty city all dressed up in gray, with the only light in frame being the color of the leaves. My favorite kind of fall day.






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