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kiss ‘em goodbye….

Three more days. So long, suckers….time to ride off into the sunset.


And can you take Joe the Plumber with you? The McCain campaign is sounding more and more to me like a bad movie starring Tim Allen or Adam Sandburg about the “little guy” who’s always been a screw up, but wanders into some sort of wacky circumstance where he ends up learning a valuable life lesson and makes a “big difference”. It’s so violently scripted and just makes me sad that any of the American public buys it as the feel good campaign of the year.  And I can’t even bring up That awful woman. She almost makes Bush looks smart, which is terrifying. The rampant anti-intellectualism movement is just terrifying.

Three more days.  I’m just crossing my fingers and assuming everything is going to be better soon.

(painting from Village Voice Summer 2006 by Alex Ross)

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