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snow, melt, freeze, fog, repeat

I’ve been traveling a little bit (Dublin for tar te ta thanksgiving) and then I came back and the next weekend made a turkey here for some friends, and in 6 days (woot) I’ll be back in Chicago.

I was doing a little walking around with a friend, Christmas shopping and such and saw a few of my favorite things: Wild dogs (these fighting over raw meat in the middle of the street)


And possibly crazy guys dresses as hippies starting fires.


Then as it was getting colder and colder, I talked my friend into a little grocery shopping (where it’s warm) and then a trip back up in the funicular (also warm). When we got back up the giant hill from Podil, it was dark and it was about 5 degrees warmer then it was in Podil, which made for some nice fog, and dramatic lighting made ol’ Bogdan look like a rock star.


Then it must have all frozen because this morning walking outside there was a bunch of frost all stuck to the trees on one side of the branches.


It kind of looked like a white version of Wooly Willy, one of my favorite toys growing up.


Anytime I was running around too much or being too loud, my Grandma would hand me one of these. How great would it be to have a  coffee table made out of a giant of one of these?

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