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wild dogs!!!

I finally bought a new camera - and you know what that means - I found my old one. Sigh. Anyway, my new one is pink so…yeah. PINK. Take that old camera!

Anyway - new camera means PUPPIES. Here are a couple of wild dogs from this week:


You’ll notice that there is one on either side of the street. Casually pretending that neither one of them wants the other to come to the other side, yet looking longingly at each other…


Or trying to figure out which human to follow and look super cute and hungy,  but worry them about the fact that they may snap at any second and give them rabies, like at the second the human was to break down and give them food. Maybe they just do that to me. Like this guy:


Who followed a friend and I down the street for a bit when my friend stupidly made kissey noises toward him. He’s new in town, he’ll learn.

Oh, and if you’re around tonight and want to see some hot photoshop action - Layer tennis is doing an around the world exhibition, and I’m representing Kiev. Represent, yo!!! Or something .It’s 11:45 Kiev time.  Then tomorrow - must start packing! I’m moving to Germany in two weeks. Also, need to think of new blog names! Suggestions welcome, so far I can only think of “FrankenFrau” which is, admittably pretty lame.


  1. Shawn wrote:

    I take it Chauncy wasn’t with you for the first two photos? Those are the lookout dogs that watch over that fenced lot/abandoned building/horror movie set. They go batshit if we walk by with our dog. There is a whole pack that lives in there.

    Have a good time in Germany. We’re escaping in two months!

    How about Schnitzel Chick?

    Friday, February 6, 2009 at 5:26 pm | Permalink
  2. snap! we are going to germany too and I am going through a similar - quick think up a blog name - process. Good luck with your move.

    Monday, February 9, 2009 at 2:19 pm | Permalink

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