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So that’s been two years then. Wow, that really went by quickly. The past few days were a blur of saying goodbye to a lot of really amazing people who I look forward to seeing again soon, and packing everything up. Right before I left Kiev, we got one more snow - a really thick and pretty coating.


Which was nice -especially since I didn’t have to go anywhere except across the street for my going away party. Which was so awesome. I was completely overcome by how many people showed up, by how wonderful and kind everyone was, and and by the great gifts people brought. I wish I could have taken all of them with me - guys, if you’re reading this - I didn’t take the vodka - I left it with Tamara and hopefully you can all enjoy it one night and send me the photos. Kiev has taught me so many things and one of the most important things is NO MORE VODKA. But the thought was sweet.


Another good going away gift - I finally got a photo of the police Lada that I’ve been wanting to photograph forever.


This may not be the most clear post I’ve ever made - I woke up this morning at 2:00 AM, the driver showed up at 2:30 and we were at the airport around 3:15. Strangely, the guy who is taking over for me at work is a) taking my flat, so he spent the night there last night and b) is from Frankfurt and was going back here on the same flight as me. Luckily, because it turned out I really needed some help with Chauncey and all the stuff I was taking with me.

Speaking of Chauncey, for those interested in taking dogs out of Kiev - it was really easy getting him out of the country. The moving company had brought a cage over a few days ago, so I took his bed cushion in it and he got used to it pretty quickly and even went and slept in it a few times. At the airport, the only thing anyone asked me to do was pay his overage charge. I was expecting to have to go see a vet there, like everything I’ve read has said, or to have to bribe somene, like my moving company told me I’d have to do, so when the people at the Kiev airport brought me into a back room to x-ray the cage (which totally didn’t fit in the machine, so some guy sort of half assed poked around in there instead) I smiled and laughed with them, then put C in the cage and closed it up. I left a sweater on him because I’m a nerd and have a sweater for my dog and also becuase I figured it may be a little cold in there. As I was leaving, I smiled again at all the people in the room, said spacibo and that was that. When I got on the plane, I asked the flight crew guy if my dog had gotten on the plane, to which he looked confused, looked a a sheet of paper and said no. Seeing my face drop, he went and asked the pilot who said yep, so I went and tried to fall asleep, which of course I couldn’t. Flight took off right on time at 5:30, and by 7:00 German time we’d touched down.

Getting him in the country was really easy as well. First off, I went and grabbed him from the oversized luggage, and he was totally calm. The guy told me to go through the red channel on my way out, but only after I asked if I should do so. When I got to the exit, there was a sign that said “red chanel closed, use the phone to call somene if you have something to declare.” I stood there for a minute thinking “hmmm…I could just walk out…” but I didn’t, and when I picked up the phone, I was directed to another exit near by. The three people working there were so nice, and played with Chauncey until the vet showed up - one guy even went and got him some water. The vet looked at his papers and then came over to me and whispered that I was missing one paper, but it was just a different form of something I already had, so I should just go. Everyone was really great.

Anyway, blah blah blah. Time for me to go to bed. I renewd the domain name on this site because i didn’t want it to become some mail order bride site, so chickinkiev will continue on for a while in some form or another…I’ll figure something out. But one thing is for sure….my time being the chick in Kiev is over, and a new chapter is beginning. Stay tuned…

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